Charlotte, its time for comprehensive sleep care

Are you struggling with sleepiness?  Having difficulty with insomnia?  Difficulty staying awake while driving or at work?  Do you know someone who does?  Some of the US finest sleep physicians have come to change the culture of sleep medicine in the Charlotte region.

Meet the physicians

Dr Lili Poon, DO is board certified in sleep medicine, and trained at the University Hospital Sleep Medicine fellowship with with leaders and researchers in the pediatric and adult sleep field. She has extensive clinical practice, running her own office in the past.  She has a gift for seeing pediatric patients that few others in NC and the Southeast US possess.


Dr Ben Graef, DO is board certified in sleep medicine, and completed his fellowship training in sleep medicine at Henry Ford.  He has been practicing sleep medicine for 9 years. He has done extensive research, has worked with the founding fathers of sleep medicine, and has helped thousands of patients return to restful sleep.

Can you help me?

Our doctors see patients across the sleep spectrum, from shift work, insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, sleepiness, nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking, restless legs and many other sleep disorders. 


If you're already on therapy, and want someone who will treat you like a patient, and not like a number, its time to make a change. 


If you need an objective second opinion or if you have a sleep doctor who spends more time looking at an EMR than getting to know you, know that there is a difference. Come see us and find out for yourself.  We'll professionally and objectively evaluate your sleep concern, and decide your best option together. 


North Carolina, its time for individualized sleep medicine care.  

Dr Poon is director of Pediatric Sleep Medicine and sees patients at Novant Health.

Dr Graef is seeing patients at the Charlotte VA HCC on Tyvola.